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Vaga de Professor Especialista de Filosofia - Perdizes

1 vaga: | Publicada em 10/06

Sobre a vaga

You will be responsible for class teaching, content preparation and student management in school environments following RED HOUSE's pedagogical plan: Teach classes and guide student learning, promoting teaching and learning experiences based on the Red House pedagogical plan and the special needs of each student; Know the school's Pedagogical Proposal, the approach adopted and the learning expectations of the specific grade; Analyze the students' evolution in the learning process, collecting evidence and paying attention to individual needs, defining actions to improve performance; Develop, together with the coordination, strategies that promote the improvement and engagement of students, based on observation and evidence collection; Promote special classes and different strategies for students who have learning difficulties; Prepare adaptations and accommodate activities for students with special educational needs; Ensure safety, constantly staying with students, in any activity, observing, guiding and interfering whenever necessary to prevent accidents. Keeping this stance comprehensively with all students at the school; Carefully observe students' attitudes and behaviors in order to identify conditions of illness, providing the necessary actions; Report to the coordinator the observed behaviors and students´ performance, in order to keep families informed; Follow the general Red House guidelines (Language Policy, Teachers' Handbook, Assessment Policy); Prepare weekly plans at the frequency agreed with the coordinator and display them in a visible place in the classroom; Periodically review the weekly plans, considering the objectives proposed and achieved, re-planning whenever necessary; Forward copies of activities, projects and materials for classroom use for approval by the Coordination, respecting the defined deadlines; Maintain accurate and complete student records as required by law, district policy, and administrative regulations (Class Journal); Advise students through evidence-based practices, handling conflict situations, in accordance with what is proposed by the school philosophy; Collect evidence of student learning during lessons; Evaluate students, based on the collection of evidence of learning during classes, assign grades and present them to the coordination, according to deadlines; Guide the Teaching Assistant (TA) with clear expectations, deadlines and instructions, reporting identified development needs to the coordination; Inform parents/guardians when requested and with the supervision of the coordinator about the students' development; Attend Academic Meetings, educational conferences and teacher training workshops in order to maintain and improve professional competence; Be responsible for student materials and class management; Communicate daily occurrences related to students to the coordination (accidents, illnesses, absences, etc.); Take care and upkeep objects and equipment used in class, as well as keep the space used organized; Give regular feedback so that students know how to improve and develop in class; Share relevant information about students with other teachers in the class; Meet deadlines set by Red House guidelines (report card, unit summary, unit planner, etc.); Perform tasks related to those described above and those determined by the immediate superior.